Abrasives transport

In our blasting plants, a transport system ensures that used abrasive is transported to the abrasive cleaning system. This transport consists of several components and can be carried out in various ways. You can choose a semi-automatic system whereby you sweep the room yourself or a fully automatic abrasive reclaim system whereby the blasting need not be interrupted.


  • Sweeping pit

After blasting, you sweep the abrasive to be reused either manually or using a fork lift truck, through a grid into a Sybrandy sweeping pit below the floor. The abrasive is carried from this pit via the elevator to the cleaning system.

  • Conveyor belt

This construction includes a funnel with a grid floor over the entire length of the floor. Below this is a Sybrandy conveyor belt, which carries the abrasive to the elevator.


  • Longitudinal conveyor belts with transverse conveyor belts

The room will not need to be swept manually as the entire floor is fitted with grids with funnels and conveyor belts underneath. Sybrandy conveyor belts carry the abrasive to the cleaning system. Blasting work need not therefore be interrupted thus considerably increasing productivity.

  • Scraper track system

A Sybrandy scraper track comes with a system of scrapers under the entire grid floor that shifts the abrasive to the cleaning system. Sybrandy scraper tracks have only a limited installation depth and function automatically during blasting. Also with this system, blasting work need not be interrupted, which considerably increases productivity.


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